Early Beginnings

It was the 1800’s and the Irish began to arrive in Massachusetts. As they settled into their new world, churches and taverns became the pillars of their community. One such tavern was kept by a savvy Irishman with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Everyone called him Boss Crowley.

Boss’s first venture was distilling whiskey to sell to his saloon patrons. Then, with the help of his brother and a horse-drawn carriage, he began to distribute the whiskey around Worcester, Ma. It was around 1882 and these were the auspicious beginnings of Polar Beverages.

Oh, dry!

Trouble was brewing for Boss’s burgeoning spirits business. The dark clouds of the Temperance Movement were beginning to roll in. By 1918 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was declared DRY! Not the type of man to cry over spilled whiskey, Boss Crowley quickly surveyed his options. He placed new bets.

Boss crafted what would become one of his most enduring beverage recipes. Inspired by innovation in carbonation, refrigeration, fruit juice production, and even by the “flappers” and their cocktail culture – sparkling Polar Orange Dry was born out of the spirit of the times.


The story of Polar Sparkling Dry continues today.

Pink Grapefruit Dry was introduced in the 1960. Then in the late 1980’s Diet versions of the original formulations were created.